Ancient Paths

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Back to the Basics: Bible

Age appropriate Bible reading,
discussion & lesson plans covering a
variety of biblical topics including but not
limited to: Torah/Old Testament Historical
Accounts/Creation according to the Bible/
Biblical Feasts/New Testament/The Doctrine
of Jesus/Yeshua the Messiah/Spiritual Warfare/End Time Revelation.

Back to the Basics: Survival

Intro to basic survival and life skills including but not limited to; Wilderness survival/bush-crafting; building survival backpack, using basic survival tools, fire starting, shelter building, first aid, plant/tree/wildlife identification, foraging/wild crafting, fishing, water filtration, food preparation/preservation, and outdoor cooking.

Fun Extras: Hiking, Group Tent Camping, Field Days, Field Trips, Summer Lake Days (including Kayaking, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding, swimming & water play), Island Expeditions & Exploration, River Floats, creek walks, volunteering, team building exercises, unstructured play and physical exercise.

When: Spring Semester: 3/6/24 – 6/26/24 Wednesdays 9am-2pm.

Fall Semester: 8/7/24 – 10/30/24 Wednesdays 9am-2pm


Home Base: Dumont Hill Community Park, 336 N Bedelia St, Scottsville, KY 42164

Park rotation is to be expected between Scottsville/Bowling Green KY and Gallatin/White House/Portland/TN and other possible surrounding areas. We take into consideration each participating family’s home address as we map out possible meeting locations. Our aim is to share the travel load between participating families while exploring and becoming more familiar with our general surroundings. We do our best in keeping meeting locations within one hour’s drive time for most families most weeks, if possible, with the exception of up to 1.5-2hrs travel once a month to accommodate those families within the outer parameters. Locations and distances may vary each week. Location may also be determined by type of activity & weather. A location calendar will be provided once enrolled. All

locations are subject to change. (If you have a favorite park/spot that you’d like for us to check out, please let us know! If a particular location is too far, you may opt to skip that week’s meetup. We understand life happens and

that there may be some travel restrictions, but we hope for all Ancient Paths participating families to aim for joining a minimum of twice a month, this ensures staying “active” within the group and continue receiving each week’s Bible + Survival lesson PDF that you’re able to print and file in your Ancient Path’s binder)

Ages: All ages up to 17 are welcome however, we will be utilizing sharp tools and parents will likely need to be hands-on with younger children. A child’s ability and level of involvement will be left up to the parent’s discretion. A parent must remain on site with child(ren) at all times and be hands-on if/when needed. Parent/ family participation is encouraged.

Cost: No tuition. Cost varies by lesson/project/craft and field trips per child, cost will be determined and announced prior to each event. The following supply list are the basics that will be needed to begin the program: (click links below)

1x Keepsake Bible (Per participating child)
1x Survival handbook

1x Survival Kit (per family)
1x Backpack of your choice (per family)
1x 1-inch Three ring binder (per participating child)

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1x pack of colored pencils (per participating child)
1x T-shirt (optional) ask to order

Note: The type of Backpack can be left up to parent’s discretion but would need to be a dedicated backpack for building our survival supply bag. One survival kit, backpack & survival handbook per family is required, however an individual kit/ bag per child is optional. The survival kit recommended above is a basic starter kit that we will be using in our curriculum, however it is not required if you already have a similar pack or prefer a different kit, as long as the contents within are similar. We will be adding additional supplies to our overall survival backpack as the seasons progress.

Note: All survival supplies required for lesson plans (not included in survival starter pack) will be announced in advance along with approximate cost and purchase options.



Is your family looking to fellowship with other families? Ask about our Sabbath

gatherings! We meet twice a month and would love for your family to join us!

Ask for dates and location!